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Hi forum,

I am curious to know if there are enlargers, that can be equiped with a variocontrasthead/multigradehead and still use condensors. Or is diffused light in these heads a conditio sine qua non?

Thanks Jaap Jan
It is possible to mount nearly any head (color or multigrade) on top of the condensor drawers of a Durst Laborator 138. There is a thing called "LADANE" that mounts instead of the 45deg. mirror at the condensor head. Usually, the light comes horizontally from the bulb in the back of the head and gets directed downward through the two condensors. After removing the mirror, the head on top shines directly downward through the condensors.

It is possible to mount the Ilford 500 Multigrade head in two manners on the L138, as a diffuse head (up to 4x5") directly over the negative carrier or as a light source used with condensors instead of the mirror. I had this combination for a few years, but after finding a inexpensive CLS1000 color head I switched and never looked back.