I agree. But while there is a lot of overall contrast, the local contrast in the 2 main areas (sky and foreground) isn't that great. I was hoping or more density in the sagebrush patches in the one on the far left and far right. When I looked thru the red filter they really popped out but don't show up with a whole lot of extra density in the negatives. I am pleased with the amount of detail in the foreground. With all this talk about this film, I was worried that the foreground would be almost blank. The one in the middle is especially pleasing with all the detail in the trees and rocks on the left! The real negative is really great in this area - I'm looking forward to printing that one.

I'll be sure to post more negatives and prints as I move along. The weekend is coming up and I'm sure I'll get a lot done, perhaps even all the remaining negatives. (It sure helps to have a motor drive on the 5x7 and 8x10).