I can feel your frustrations Alessandro. I suffered the same disappointment that you have. After several years of 35mm photography followed by a few more years into digital, I went back to film and plunged into the medium format world. I shot my first roll and quickly brought it to my local lab. Mind you, it's not the usual 1-hr photo shop or a drugstore/Walmart/Costco type of thing, a "real" pro or custom lab is what it is. I asked for film processing and a contact print. I was more than excited to return the following morning for my "contact" print and I got the surprise of my life when the images in the 8x10 sheet of paper were the size of 35mm frames. What? No 6 x 4.5 pictures? And more importantly, I didn't see the rebates (is that what you call the black film edges in those MF frames?) that I was really after. Also, having just 15 frames the size of 35mm in a whole 8x10 sheet of paper somehow just didn't look impressive (and now that I've also gotten myself a 6x6 and a 6x7, I guess having just 12 or 9 very small pics in there would be even uglier).

Apparently, the film was scanned and the "index print" (which is what they should have called it - not contact print) was made digitally. The funny thing is that if I wanted to have my film scanned, I would have to pay extra. Haven't they already scanned it and I should just be charged for the disc?

Well, the realities of a shrinking world of choices for a MF shooter makes me save a few dollars a day to probably get myself a dedicated film scanner one day instead of having to bring them the film for the same service I can do (and they're not that near to my place anyway). Or, better yet, I'd probably find a way to sneak in a darkroom in this tiny house of ours and make myself that contact print I truly crave for!