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Hi forum,

I am curious to know if there are enlargers, that can be equiped with a variocontrasthead/multigradehead and still use condensors. Or is diffused light in these heads a conditio sine qua non?

Thanks Jaap Jan
Yes there are multigrade enlargers with condensors just as their are colour heads with condensors--- a multigrade head is really little more, in theory, than a colour head with a few "pre-set" positions. Due to the higher cost of condensors and the fashion of diffuse illumination they are not the mainstream but were relatively "commonplace" into the 1970s--- the Agfa colour head not only used a condensor illumination system into the diffusor (which is technically needed to mix the coloured light to get uniformity) but typically uses in conjunction with, beyond the standard condensor of the Leitz and Agfa enlargers, an additional condensor. Because of the dyes in chromogenic films there are no real benefits to condensed light but a few downsides so, beyond the cost rationalization, the move too was driven by function... but its cost and production rationalization that has, in additional to fashion, applied this to B&W heads...