I'm currently in the process of building a view camera (based on J.Grepstad's design) as my current budget does not allow for a purchase and my time is not available for the landscape photography I like... (joices of paternity)

Over the 1000s of questions during this process, there's one that remains : what lensboard should I consider ?

The design is for 140X140 mm, 4 mm thick board.

I know I will purchase a used view camera in the mid-term future (when my time allows for serious photography instead of photographic dreams) and my choice at this time should be between an ARCA-Swiss and a SINAR F.

I understand the SINAR lensboard is 140X140, does it mean that my plywood one will fit, or will I need a new board anyways ?
In this case, would it be wise to make my board smaller so that I can build/buy an adapter ?

Concerning ARCA, I understand their board is 171X171mm, so I guess I could make/buy an adapter if my purchase goes for an ARCA.

I'm interested in hearing about your experiences on the subject