Hello All-
I'm from Colorado and new to this group. I shoot a variety of mediums including DSLR, 35mm film and medium format film. I only recently acquired my MF rig and am working my way through getting to know him. He hasn't yielded a "good" image just yet, but it's not his fault. I get a little closer with every attempt though.

I've been shooting pictures for many years but have only recently begun research in developing and printing my own negs - for the first time since college (a while ago) and am hoping to learn from all you seasoned folks.

Things like setting up a simple darkroom, processing/printing black and white film, etc. For black & white work I've standardized on Ilford HP5 Plus, and for color it's the Provia/Velvia 50/100 shuffle-depending on what I'm doing.

That's all for now-just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Kind regards,