If one could get they're grubby little hands on Gold Chloride, (there is some of questionable origin on Ebay) and I understand, from a wiki article that sodium hypo and sodium thiosulphate are the same chemical, what concentrations of these would you use of these. Since the formula calls for about .77 Mol of silver, and I read in another post that sensitizers should be 1 - 10 mg per Mol of silver, do we use (assuming the high end of that scale) about 4 mg of AuCl and 4mg of Na-Hypo (pardon the chemical contraction) or 7.7 mg of each?

Also, I have seen other recipes that call for potassium Dichromate as a sensitizing agent. (unblinking eye.com) To my knowledge this only hardens gelatin when exposed to UV, which I would think help contrast, not increase sensitivity, and since it takes so long for the UV to harden the gelatin w/ K2Cr2O7, I dont seehow it would be of much use.

Lastly Does the hypo and AuCl sensitize down to red, or just into green?