Randy, I was thinking of maybe the Americinn at Tofte for two nights and then the last night at Americinn in Two Harbors. That divides the Hwy 61 scenic drive into 3rds. Tofte is close to Grand Marais, and areas in between, and Two Harbors is within reach of Duluth and everything either side. Ike gave me last years itinerary and a list of all the spots we missed!!

Dan, Mesaba/Northworst might fly into Duluth from Detroit.

Here's a list of places to visit that we missed last year:-

Municipal Campground shoreline.
Father Baraga's cross
Cascade River SP
Taconite Harbor
Silver Bay Harbor
Palisade Head
Gold Rock Point
Cross River
Stony Point
Brighton Beach
City Lake Walk
Lift Bridge
MN Point
Superior Entry

Again, the trip will remain fluid based upon peoples needs and of course the weather.