Sorry for the incomplete info guys. I am using the Rockland kit, except I mixed up the developer myself using Dektol and exhausted fix.
I may have put on too thick a coat (it's my first time), because they are taking a long time to dry. I am coating the blackened metal plates that came in the kit.
I have printed digital positives for contact printing using an enlarger. I use the PDN system for my PtPd and gum negatives, so I'm pretty familiar with doing this.

My first attempts today have not turned out so well. At first the images would not reverse in the fix. I added a bit more exhausted fix to the developer and I got some reversal, but the image looks very flat. It may be fogged, I'm not sure.
I will coat more plates tonight and do a thinner coat. It's nice to be able to scrub the plates and re-use the failures.
I'll keep you updated, if you'd like.