Here's my story. I am participating in the Kodachrome exchange so I have just shot two rolls of K-64. I put the first roll in an old pre-paid processing mailer and gave it to my local (Berkeley) camera store for processing. They put it another envelope and sent it to Swan Photo Lab who then out-sourced it to (I think) Dwayne's. I received the processed slides three weeks later at the store. The slides were in generic mounts in a black plastic slide box. The second roll I also put in an old pre-paid processing envelope but I addressed it to Dwayne's, put two stamps on it and dropped in the mail. A week later (today) lo and behold, I received the second set of processed slides, not from Dwayne's but from some place in Dallas, Texas. The slides came in a yellow and white Kodak slide box and in Kodak labeled mounts!

What's going on? I thought the last places on Earth for K-14 processing was Dwayne's and some secret Gov't lab in the Rocky Mts. Well it appears that the Kodak plant at 3131 Manor Wy, Dallas, Texas (a lab address listed on the mailer) is still active.