It's good to be standardized on Linhof Technika and Sinar type boards, since these are the most common, and it's easy to find adapters from other cameras to these.

My Technika and Gowland 4x5" use Linhof Technika boards, and my Gowland 8x10" uses Sinar sized boards, and it was easy to convert the front standard on my 1890's American Optical wooden 11x14" camera to take the Sinar sized boards. I also have a Sinar-Technika adapter board so that I can swap smaller lenses mounted on Technika boards between all 4 cameras (so long as they cover the format), and so that they aren't so bulky to pack.

My 5x7" Press Graflex uses 4x4x1/4" boards, so I mount barrel lenses that I only use on this camera on 4x4" boards, but I'm planning to make an adapter so that this one will take the Technika boards as well.