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Anything is possible, maybe Dwayne's was extra busy, Kodak still had the equipment, so they filled up the tanks, and ran a few batches through, to help clear a backlog.
No, that's not possible. You don't just "run a few batches" with Kodachrome. Starting up the processing is a major undertaking, and you need trained people to do it. (An analytical chemist for one thing.) Besides, you need a fair volume to be able to get consistent results; that is one of the reasons all K-14 processing is now done in one place.

Wherever the package came from, it was processed by Dwayne's.

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The slides came in a yellow and white Kodak slide box and in Kodak labeled mounts!
That's how they do it. Dwayne's are authorized to do "Kodak processing". Look at the bottom of the box. Does it not say "Kodak Licensed Product" and "Processed by Dwayne's Photo"?