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How about a reality check for a moment. Suppose something happened to Dwayne's, fire, tornado, financial difficulty, mechanical breakdown, labour troubles, etc... It could very well leave Kodak with millions of dollars worth of film that they can not sell without a processing facility. I am sure there is a backup plant somewhere, and Kodak has the people to make that plant go. The other issue is that K14 is a processing machine, and Kodak probably has a bunch of them, it doesn't cost much to keep one machine hooked up ready to go, with an operational crew trained and ready, even if their normal duties is something else. Running a few batches through every year or two would make sure that the equipment and people are ready for the process to become operational if needed. This is the time of year to do it, because lots of people, who only use their camera once a year, will do so about a month from now. So, if Dwayne's has a backlog, then clearing it out now, makes sense. Even if Kodak loses money in the process, making sure they have an alternate is a good business plan.
See, the mistake there is thinking kodak gives a flying fuck! Kodak doesn't care, Kodak hasn't cared about film in years. Hell they have been trying to get us to stop using kodachrome for the past 40 years! They have been trying to get us to stop using film for the past 10. If dwayne's burnt to the dirt, I don't think the heads of Kodak would lose any sleep at all.