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All my Kodachrome is mailed to Dwayne's in prepaid envelopes. They mount it in Kodak mounts and send it back to me with a Texas return address, but the postmark on the envelope is from Kansas, hence it was mailed directly from Dwayne's to me. If I mail Fuji mailers and Kodak mailers together to Dwayne's, they arrive the same day. The Kodak is in Texas return address envelopes with a Kansas postmark. The Fuji is in Dwayne's return address envelops with a Kansas postmark. Also, I mail Kodak print mailers to Dwayne's, but they really are processed in Texas and send back quite a bit later than the slide film with a Texas postmark...their print service is as crappy as can be, but the slide service is superb!

It makes no sense, but I figured it out...dang Kodak playing with our minds!
Ahh..I did not check the postmark, just focused on the return address. So it would make no sense for me to send the next roll directly to the Texas return address? And why two different mounts and boxes from the same place? I thought it might have something to do with Swan outsourcing to Dwayne's but that makes no sense either.