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You could say that you disagree with the book. You have your opnion about Ansel's book, and other may like it.
You can't really objectively call the book's content false. It is just one approach, and your approach is another.
With your style of arguing and your stubborn opinions I am glad that you aren't teaching me photography...sorry to say.

It would be more accurate to say that Kodak disagrees with the book. Adams did not have the benefit of access to the large body of research that Kodak had conducted over many years. That research indicates that observers (expert and non-expert) prefer 1:1 ratio of mid-tone reproduction. This is mentioned in the quote above. The zs ignores this principle. As such, many zs images look 'wrong' to the eye. 'Contraction/expansion are the term used in the zs, and it's simply wrong to do it.

All you have to do is forget you ever heard of that book, the zs, or Adams. That's the first step to recovery.