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Well Kodak R&Ded Kodachrome 400, but that was never released. Also, Ektar 100 was not released in 120, although Kodak could use the same base as 135 format. Actually, I would prefer Kodak to keep a film the same after it is released, since I get used to it and know what to expect, and instead focus on new films like...like...umm...oh, like Ektar 100...and...ummm...yeah, Ektar 100.

I think Kodak is in it for the money, of course, but it is not that which bothers me (I am a Capitalist pig, myself), it is their attitude problem. Like when Kodak discontinues a unique film with a few weeks' warning before all existing stock is sold. I have a problem with that. Especially how they were saying that they were not going to discontinue Kodak HIE up until, BAM, the announcement that they had in autumn 2007. Fuji has no attitude problem...

Foma, Efke, AGFA-Gevaert, and FilmoTec have/had no attitude problems.
My point exactly. I don't think the engineers are to blame, its the people at top. They want digital, they want that cheap investment with big returns, to hell with the quality.

Fuji continue to blow my mind with the amount of new products and improvements they make every year. Every year its something new from them. To come along and make even a tenative commitment to picking up the slack where poloroid is leaving off, that really suprises me. Granted, Fuji were making a good portion of poloroids film stock for them anyway, but its still not something you see kodak doing is it!