I have worked in industry, industrial R&D and academia on and off over the years but 32 years in industrial R&D. Things are not as simple as stated here and elsewhere on APUG, particularly where it comes to Kodak. Kodak today has more people on film R&D than Ilford has in their total company! But, when you make a mile of film and then only sell 1/2 mile of it within the expiration date, things get dicey when it comes to explaining that to the CEO.

Try getting funding for some research that keeps failing! Betcha things stop getting funded and eventually no one will talk to you.

Now, Fredrick, as for processing, Kodak has said that oney Dwaynes is now processing Kodachrome. I cannot personally verify this and have to rely on them myself, but they have said it and a rep has repeated this in a recent interview. What more can I say. I have to agree.