Photo Engineer,

That is true, but remember that the CEO has to explain things to the shareholders, many of whom do not possess a degree in business, so they may not fully understand what is going on except for numbers (profit earnings, share prices, dividends) and what their broker tells them. If they see a film giant doing things that do not make sense to the them, (but makes sense to the CEO and the board of directors) the investor loses faith in the corporation and dumps their shares. Or, in my case, does not purchase shares of Eastman-Kodak to begin with. As things are explained on APUG, the members get a "feel" for what is going on (perhaps it is incorrect, perhaps not) and makes investment choices (I am sure many of us on APUG own at least one share of something or another). Sometimes it behooves a corporation to go against what their college textbook in business suggested, so as to appease their shareholders and sell more stock. I highly doubt that shareholders and customers appreciate last second discontinuation notices (or other behavior deemed to be unsavory).