I have met and talked with 5 of the last 5 CEOs of Kodak. I've made presentations to two of them before I retired. In 2005, I had a chance to talk to Antonio Perez personally at a luncheon about the exit from the B&W paper business. Believe me, he was not happy over this, and none of them enjoyed cancelling products or projects after investing millions in them.

Sometimes, you have to cut your losses.

As the only person here speaking a little about what goes on within Kodak, I can say that things often have one meaning inside and another outside of the yellow jello (as we called it affectionately). On the whole, Tony Perez is doing his best with a very very difficult situation by trying to make the "elephant dance" as Walt Fallon said when he was prez of EK. So, I understand the POV of outsiders, but I don't go along with unfounded or unwonted criticism of choices which are actually the best of a rather bad lot when you get down to it.

I think they are doing the best they can with the hand they were dealt, and the new Ektar 100 shows that R&D and new analog products are coming along. AAMOF, the total number of R&D people working on analog are about equal to the total number of employees at Ilford. This is no disrespect of Ilford. I use a lot of Ilford products. It is simply a fact. Kodak's analog program is larger than Ilford's and maybe even Fuji's.