I'm not saying I may not love the new Ektar, however, one must remember that ektar is a replacement for the UC line of films. It is yet another try by kodak to gain market share. However, for the people who have been shooting Velvia 50 since 1990, a product lifespan of 4 years isn't gaining kodak any of their favor if photographers can't get used to a film before it's discontinued. It is my firm belief that it kodak had real confidence in Ektar that they would release it in other formats. I can only hope that people will like it enough and buy it so that they release it in 120, however, there seems to be little market and when kodak says "the plan is to release Ektar in 35mm," that is a polite way of saying they have absolutely no plans to do so.

Kodachrome is great and cool but it's not available in anything but 35mm which simply doesn't contain much surface area. I could see myself using it for panoramic shots if I try that, but regular 35mm is too grainy. If 25 was still out that might persuade me but since the kodachrome is several decades old, a 64 speed has the grain of a 200 or 400 today. Ektar 25 was just 20 years ago and it got 2 more stops in that time.