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Honestly, at this point, the best thing that could happen to film photography would be for kodak to just stop and get out of the way.
Polybun--with all due respect, in this thread you really don't know when to quit stepping on it, it seems. Do you think you really know more about what's going on at EK than Photo Engineer, who worked there for three decades? I won't bother recapitulating the counterarguments that have been offered in this thread, since you haven't bothered with them anyway.

I have no affiliation with Kodak other than as a satisfied customer of four decades' duration; honestly, it seems for you and others, Kodak can do no right. They update old products and offer a new one, and you and others complain. You really don't have any idea how a business is run, do you?

Mindless Kodak bashing is really tiresome. Go enjoy the new or improved products; buy some so Kodak will continue to make them. This simple act of market capitalism will do more to secure the future of film-based photography than filling APUG's servers with online whining.