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You made it in class.
Bill - the formula at the start of this thread is very close to what we made in class. I looked in the handout, and as I measured out all the chemicals we used, I can tell you we made the 4x Scale of the Silver Bromoiodide VHS emulsion. It's almost exactly what's posted here - we used a bit more silver in the class - look in your class formulas handout to see how much.

The other difference between here and class is we let the one from class ripen longer than 2 hours. And we used phthalated gelatin so we could do an isowash on the emulsion in class.

From the couple emulsions I've made, I'd suggest swelling the gelatin with a little water (try about 1 part water to 1 part gelatin) before adding it to bring the gelatin up to the 8% or so conc. The times I've added dry gelatin, it seems like it just takes longer to get it to dissolve into the pot than when I swelled it with a little water.