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I'm a happy man.
I was WAYYYY overexposing my tintypes under the enlarger. I started out with 10 seconds up to several minutes. I was essentially getting no image. I finally figured out I was way overshooting the times. With the lens wide open, the correct time is 1 second, yes 1 second! I stopped it down two stops and settled on 4 seconds. Also, the instructions suggest 2 minutes in the develop. Try 12 minutes for the image to fully develop.
I got my first successful image. Now I need to work on pouring the plates. I need to put a big sign in the darkroom that says "the emulsion does NOT to be shaken!" Air bubbles dontcha know.

Thanks for the comments, and I'll keep this updated.

What about the drying time? Is this with a "tacky" plate? Or did they finally dry?