The Depth of Field scale is on the lens.

Looking straight down, holding the camera as if one was taking a photograph, there is an index mark for, from the camera body out: Focusing distance in feet (red); Focusing distance in meters (white); the static index line, with lines to the left and right labeled with f/stops; Aperture; and Shutter Speeds.

Depth of Field: First focus. Then, all within the distances indicated by the lines marked with f/stops will be in "acceptable" focus. Alternately, one can use a so-called "hyperfocal" system. An example: Set the focus infinity (the "eight on its side") to the right line marked "22" and all between there and the left "22" will be in acceptable focus, at an aperture of f/22, i.e., ~2.7 meters (8.7 feet) to infinity.

I hope all this makes sense. If not, I'll haul my lazy gluteus maximus to the filing cabinets in my darkroom and copy the pages from the Hasselblad Manual.