Thanks everyone for your ideas. Unfortunately, I was sick last week, hence the delay getting back to you.

While the ULF idea is extremely tempting, I don't want to bend the learning curve to the point of breaking. I've never even really used any large format camera (closest thing being a wooden box with a hole in the front and a polaroid 4x5 holder on the back and art directing photographers using 4x5 Graflex press cameras and asking lots of questions). I like the film holder idea too, but I'll have to look round for something to put them IN. (I imagine he can do pretty precision work, as he does things like inlay and other fancy bits).

I think, at the moment, I will google up some of the references you guys made and see what's what and where it takes me. If I can find some nice plans online, for purchase or free, that would be cool.

OK, dumb question, but what does one use for film in ULF cameras? I know I should go read the ULF forum till I figure it out, but if anyone feels like taking pity on a poor girl who's been in the hospital all week and is now a little lazy....

thanks everyone!

(aka cordelia)