Ilford and Kodak have been doing special runs of film in ULF (usually FP4+, HP5+, TMY, and occasionally TXP) and custom sizes for the past couple of years, and East European films like Efke PL100 are available in a wide variety of formats. If you want to shoot color, then you've got to organize your own special order, or find someone else who is doing it to make the minimum order from Kodak or Fuji, which is likely to be around $10K. Special orders of East European films are less expensive and a bit easier to do. Ultrafine (AKA Photo Warehouse) used to buy master rolls from Ilford and did special cuts, but Ilford isn't selling any of their own films as private label films anymore (though they may coat other emulsions for other labels), so now they are offering a new film, which I think people are speculating is Shanghai film from China.