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Back in about 1987/88 I bought a similar M3 from a reputable Leica appointed dealer, the scuffing & minor dings meant nothing and when I added a more serious one & broke the viewfinder glass it went to Leica UK for repair & they insist that all cameras they receive back also have a CLA. However they sent it back with just the glass & ding repaired stating the camera was otherwise in excellent condition, & didn't need a CLA.

A Leica can look quite scruffy but be 100% mechanically sound, that kind of camera is ideal for some-one like you, as it has been & still is after 20 years for me.

Just one additional point - it sounds very much as if Ian's Leica was scuffed and with minor dings because it was regularly used (and serviced). This is rather different from a Leica which has lain around for decades and is dirty and corroded - it is almost inconceivable that a camera like this would work satisfactorily without servicing. Even then, you can occasionally be lucky - one of my M2s was bought for just over 200 with just slight signs of use and a seized shutter release. Obviously a CLA was required, now it's fine.