Hi all, well what to tell you, well my first contact with a camera was when my grandad had some kind of silver one with the german nazi eagle on it, I was allowed to hold it for probably all of 10 seconds, after that I guess I had the bug even though it took me many years to actually get my own, or do anything, about 47 give or take a couple. I got my first one which is a canon al-1 from the local recycling center and it has sat in a cupboard since whilst I went around collecting bits and bobs to go on it, I never used it as the shutter wouldn't work and I took my time fixing it!!. I then got a canon 300d as it was cheap and that was when the rot set in, why rot?, because being digital it did everything for me with that magic green symbol on the dial, so no brain power required.

For reasons I can't explain the pull of film or analog as you put it here kept going and going, and so over some time I erraticaly purchased a number of cameras and darkroom stuff on ebay, I have a rolleicord and a mamiya 330 I love to hold but sdly have no idea how to use................... blame the canon digital.....

In the last few weeks I have been scrounging a few bits and pieces localy, ie, cupboards and old worktop to make a darkroom, and am painfully building it in an old coal shed attached to the rear of the house.

I like B&W film most, maybe because I find it to be more dramatic than colour or its because I was bought up on old black and white movies( another of my loves, old war films) It seems to have a mood about it I can't understand or grip but it definitely gets me going. I do have a lot of undeveloped colour films about but never got to developing them because, well I dont know why really, I just never have, maybe I should and will who knows.

I'm hoping my time here is going to be interesting and informative, also long long long, it seems many places are killing of film forums for digital, which I feel is a big error, after all I got into film because although I own a digital its mind numbing to me, point click and straight to tescos for printing, and as the world goes digital the skill set of the analog people will dwindle and die as do many old skills that should be kept alive, which to me is a crime, apart from that younger people are now finding that elusive and expensive $40000 kit a lot cheaper and the interest in film they yearned to get into is now within their grasp and a reality, so I see a lot more people getting into it now when they couldn't then.

Oh well, nuff said so maybe I will see you round the forum.

If anyone has the chemical make up of a c41 developer please let me know because that for some reason eludes me even with google!!!.

As for my knowledge... hahahaha yeah right, lets just go back to canon digital, point shoot tescos for printing.... that should do you. I promise I am trying to put that right.