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cut a mask with this ruby lith stuff, and put the negative ON TOP of the mask, IOW, the mask sits between the negative and your paper. I learned the hard way that you can get refracted light out the edges of your negative which will leave a nice thin unsightly black border on your pristine white paper. Using a mask is also the best method to check and make absolutely sure your clearing procedures are working properly. If you see stain or other stuff in the masked-off area, then your clearing methods are not adequate.
Dont you loose any sharpness at the edges like this? I thought about doing this whay but thought since ther will be a little space in between the negative and the paper, that I would loose shapness in the edges. I have had that very faint line in my prints on ocassion and always wondered what the hell caused it, I thought it was too much pressure from the vacuum frame....go figure..