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One thing to think about when shooting in this mode is that with the waist-level finder, you're always looking up the subject's nose. Sometimes this can be effective, like in the photograph of the officer in the uniform, and other times it's just an artifact of the way the finder is made.
I actually found the waist-level finder better for composition and angle than an eye level. That's one of the reasons I took the Hassy with me and not the Nikon F90X. In all times it gave me a better angle. Maybe with a telephoto and a bride it could present a problem, but shooting from the chest gave the portraits a down-up angle which accentuated their look of "pride". It works well with the officer as you mentioned.
A note about the officer: He works at the base I was stationed and we know each other well, he was the want to notice me first. If you know him, the portrait is a failed one because he looks like a latin american torturer and is one of the most kind and gentle people I know! For one thing, he is not event infrantry, he is medical (can't remember his speciallity). Always looking after us drafted soldiers (the slaves of the greek army).

Back to the finder, I was also able to take some low shoots, like of the kids with the traditional cretan uniform in the parade and of the kids in the party.
I don't know, I just like it!
Makes people taller too!
(suprisingly it took me very little time to get used to the recersed image and waist-level finder and now its second nature, flipping the magnifier to focus and putting it down to frame)

Btw, I forgot to mention that the photos were published in the newspaper I work at (my father's). I was quite stressed to get them ready in time (I really feel for the old photojournalists who didn't use digital) and the Hasselblad quality is way overkill for the rough print of the paper. I could have gotten away with cellphone images, but I shot the images for myself, to keep them. That's why I couldn't be a professional payroll photographer.
That's why I choose my own jobs and do something else for my daily bread.

Oh, yes. The weight of the camera: not a problem at all. My other 35mm SLRs aren't much lighter (Nikon F, F90X).