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...all I can remember is, "This is better than anybody ever told it would be!"
Or, was that my first legal beer...
First legal beer is way disapointing - I do remember my LAST underage beer though!

I'm sure Ed will tell you otherwise, but C41 35mm development is SO cheap at the minilabs that it's probably not worth it - for $5 I can get a film dev'ed AND printed. Even if you just treat those as proofs, and print again at home, it's still not worth the bother to do it yourself in most cases (though of course there is stuff you don't want to put through the mini-lab for various reasons).

On the other hand I've started experimenting dev'ing c41 to try out the new Macocolor 127 - try taking that to the mini-lab! (even the pro labs moan). It's a lot more intense - ages getting everything to temperature, and then 10 minutes of madness until the negs are hanging. Results so far are mixed - I've screwed up a few out of date films practising, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Get used to 35mm bw, send 35mm c41 to the lab, and try c41 colour when you move to a larger format, where the benefits are more signnifigant.