I am very lucky that I will be involved in a huge project by the University of Crete and the local Museum of Nature to collect information regarding the fauna of the Peloponnese (south mainland Greece). It is a place of extremes, from high mountains to sandy beaches and lots inbetween. The project involves scientists, computer engineers and all kinds of different teams from data collecting to map and database making. They will also release books and guides.
I will be shooting mostly landscapes, a subject I am not very experienced with but confindent I will succeed.
The main reason I am involved apart from the exhitement of the whole project (that is set to last a couple years), is that the EU is financing it, including the purchase of equipment and that gives me the opportunity to make a Hasselblad system that would take me years with my current paycheck.

I will be taking my 501CM with 80mm Plannar lens and Manfrotto 055B Tripod with the three arms head.
The equipment I think of purchasing are (and keeping for myself later):
- 50mm Distagon lens.
- 180mm Sonnar lens.
- Individual shades (I thought that the pro shade is too must hassle).
- Spotmeter. Probably the Gossen Starlite.
- A second A12 back.
- PolaPlus back.
- 16mm extension tube (for portraits with the 180).
- Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II.

They will probably want color, so I'll use Fuji Velvia 50 and Ilford Pan F+ for my personal BW shots.

Any comments?