First off,
Well done Joey, way to go mate! I just started mucking about with an old Rolleicord and MF and the thrill is certainly there, especially when waiting to see which of my frames will be OK due to the shutter speeds being off!!!!

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I don't see a pre-soak in there. If you're going to develop for short times, you should add in a pre-soak of the film in 68 degree water for oh, 2-3 minutes. This will swell the gelatin emulsion so that when the developer goes in it won't have to take the time to do that and it can get to work right away.
It's a good safety precaution.
A question to further my education: I now understand the purpose of a pre-soak due to your explanation above...Further to that, though, is it usually only used for really short/critical development times? I use D-100 and D-400 in ID-11, thus, the dev times are relatively long. Would pre-soak accomplish anything?