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Thanks, everyone, for your contributions. I do understand that the m4-2 was made in Midland but some are stamped "Wetzlar" and command a premium. Can anyone comment on why this is? Is it just that the later (Wetzlar) models were produced much higher on the learning curve?

Also, I have had a couple of M3s years ago and wanted to put the M2/M3 on the short list but have recently read a number of horror stories about "dim rangefinders, de-silvering rangefinder prisms" which I understand are non-repairable and I don't particularly want to buy into that risk. I also see this problem mentioned on some of KEH's offerings also.

Is this a common problem now that the early Leicas are nearing 55 years old?

Thanks again, everyone!

I've owned a single stroke M3 and a 2 stroke M3 for many years. No rangefinder problems ever - with either of them-. Klaus of Thousand Oaks has performed all my Leica service (He's retired now).