[QUOTE=Fred Aspen;667386]I am a "less is more" guy and I have been toying with adding a simple rangefinder with interchangeable lenses. I have been considering a Leica M4-2 because of its clean, simple look.

I did some research and it seems to have mixed reviews and I couldn't find anything relevant on APUG.

Anybody have one and care to share information? Any horror stories?

I have an M6 ttl and like it very much; bought it used to replace stolen equipment. To me, there is nothing like the feel, fit, finish, and pleasure in any M mount Leica. That being said, and I were looking for something with a great feel and a quiet shutter, and wanted the mostests for the leastest, I might opt for a clean Oly OM1-n. I know it's not a RF. But it is darn smooth and quiet.