I'd like a slot processor for 16x20 and smaller BW FB prints. The Nova Quad looked like a great choice...until I saw the price. Now that I've gotten back in my chair, I'd like to know if anyone has made their own slot processor. Has anyone?

I've made an 8x10 model. I used 4 8x10 stainless steel film tanks, a plastic holding tank, a Won titanium aquarium heater, a small submersible pump (to help equalize temperture. It made a big difference), and a Nova clip. The tanks could have been a little narrower (to minimize oxidation) but otherwize slightly bigger. It worked well for 8x10 color processing but not so well for BW fb paper.

When we get to 16x20, we'd need a tank about 18x22x2 inches. I haven't been able to find any pre-made tanks. 316L tanks could be made, but we're talking a lot of money. I've though about making tanks out of 1/4 inch thick ABS. I thought that I'd use two Nova clips to hold the 16x20 print. If that doesn't work, I have picked up a Nova 11x14 plastic sheet for holding paper in their FB processor. (It was really cheap.) It wouldn't be too hard to fabricate something similar.

I'd be interested in hearing any advice or ideas that people would care to share.