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I am a long-time dedicated Contax user and a less experienced Leica user.
I would heartily counsel the purchase of the 167MT for just about any application except the one you describe. In my opinion, "reliable long term under heavy use in a high vibration environment" excludes both the R4 and the Contax 167MT. The glass for both would be fabulous, well beyond the limitations imposed by handholding on C-41 in a roaring airplane. But I would suggest a more ruggedly constructed body, such as a Nikon F3

Good point, although both these cameras look pretty tough. In fairness, the aircraft environment is probably no worse than a car, except now and then. As they say:

1. All landings are controlled crashes.
2. Any landing you can walk away from was a good landing.
3. The definition of a good pilot is someone with the same number of takeoffs as landings.