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OK, so maybe I am stuck at this damn computer for another hour, so I might as well use the time productivly.

Is it insane of me to think that I can get a good enlarger-darkroom timer for less than $65.00? I have been bidding at eBay for the last month or two and have thus far been unsucessful. Big surprise right?! My question is this I guess, is there a decent timer out there for around $65? In other words if all you had to spend was $65 what timer would you get?
Well, where the heck have you been looking on e bay? I got me one last month to do film testing with a light bulb (the zone VI is already packed) and got a Kearsarge 301 in like new condition for $25. Just do a global search in e bay for Gralab and/or Kearsarge and see what comes up, there is bound to be one available for you.