:o Ok you load a roll of film in it. Set it on a shelf and the film door will pop open!! Rather surprising late in the evening while sitting at the computer.
The camera was bought at an estate auction a while ago. I bought it because it was in the original box with a product brochure. After I got it home I found a repair invoice dated March 24,1955 from the O.W.Ray Corp.,160 Eleventh Avenue, New York city. It appears the camera was sold to Shontz at 6 The Maples in Roslyn N.Y. They did a repair and adjust at no charge to this camera. The neat thing about this is the serial number on the invoice matches the camera number. This dates the camera to a 1954 model.
1st question- Would anyone on this site or located in New York state have anymore info on these companies?
2nd question- Can I make a simple fix to this door to keep it closed other than leaving it in the half case? If I do,then the flash gun doesn't fit (yes,I have that,too). I know you fix an Argus with a hammer and pliers, so how big the hammer?:rolleyes: Perhaps I need to find a witch doctor that can shake bones and wave the chicken feathers about to make a fix on this!! A thank you to anyone who can help on this.