Can we stop whining about

The forums are a reflection of the moderators and the people who post questions and replies. What server they're on or who pays the bills is irrelevant and does not affect the quality of the information.

The apparent "reduction in quality" of the LF forum is because it has a wider audience. It's true that it is a result of being integrated into, but the same thing would have happened if the link directed users to the old Usenet server.

I'm not sticking up for any site, just getting tired of all the whining. I've read all of the posts about the move on Tuan's site and I read, APUG, F32, Usefilm and the Ilford site daily. Different characters, but a lot of the same information (and a lot of it already exists in the archives). All of them are good resources if you are smart enough to skip the stuff that you don't care about. Some of the attitudes are unbelievable.