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i'm twisted, but i think the best photo opportunity would be to take an old SLR into the skid row in downtown Los Angeles and photograph in black and white, or even IR
A friend of mine tried that a few years ago, and the homeless people were not very amused. Luckily she and her friend were able to jump in their car and get away. I get the feeling they felt intruded upon. Of course, technique and the way you go about it are factors. There is a large homeless community there, and illegal activity going on, so I can see how it can be risky, but I can also see how it would make for an interesting photo shoot.

There are a lot of great places here in SoCal. I tend to like places where you can see the detritus of past human activity as it wastes away under the harsh climate here.

There is the Salton Sea, which is a favorite among many photographers and a place to which I would like to return. When you are there you can definitely see what happens when society's plans go awry and end up in ruins. But there is also a magic about the place that is hard to describe but is compelling.