I'm new to the forum. I've never processed/developed any films before so please forgive my ignorance.

I'm bought a Jobo ATL-1 processor so I could do my own E-6 processing (I shoot slides on Medium format). I bought a single use chemistry kit from kodak and started some processing. I've ruined my first batch. The films are dark and doesn't appear to be developed correctly. I'm using the 2553 drum with the capacity for 6 120 films.

Maybe it's the way I mixed the chemicals: I used 500ml for processing 6 120 films, I mixed 300ml for each solution + 100ml for 1st developer, + 12.5ml for reversal, + 71.3ml Part A color then 23.5ml for Part B, + 35ml prebleach, + 155ml bleach, + 35ml fixer. Are each solution supposed to equal 500ml?!? Is 500ml enough for processing 6 120 Films? How accurate do you have to be with the chemical solutions? -- My graduated cylinders doesn't have .5ml increments..