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Here's my M2. It has somebody's drivers license # scratched on the back of the top. I got it for $400 about five years ago. Money was different then; the camera was dirt cheap.

Works just great the way it is. I'd like to send it in for a CLA but my M5 will get one first, because that one really needs it. I have a piece of salmon leather I plan to recover it with. Better than duct tape, don't you think? Didn't HCB cover his with that ugly black friction tape they used on baseball bats when I was a kid? The vulcanite had started falling off prior to my getting it, and the exfoliating just kept on going. It's down to about 50% now.

Hektor: I bought one on ebay recently for a big $38. So far, it looks great.

I recommend highly: find a beater Leica. There's magic in it.
I highly recommend that you sell me your camera.