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I would like to mix Microdol-X from scratch. Has anyone had experiences doing this that they can share?

Steve Anchell's books suggest the following fromula:
1. 750 ml Water at 125 F
2. 5 grams Metol
3. 100 grams Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous
4. 30 grams Sodium Chloride
5. Cold water to make 1 liter

Will this formula match Kodak's packaged Microdol-X?
Thanks, Joseph

This formulation is substantially different than the one I published in the Apug Chemistry section (with a modification suggested by Patrick Gainer):

"Here is Ronald W. Anderson's Microdol-X substitute formula. This formula was published in the 1973 Dignan Photographic Newsletter.

Microdol-X Substitute

Water-----------------------750. ml
Metol-------------------------7.5 grams
Sodium Sulfite (anhy)--------100 grams
Sodium Bisulfite----------------7.5 grams
Water to make---------------1.0 liter

This formula works fine with the normal developing times given for Microdol-X (both use 1:3 dilution). The results: The same, even to image tone.

Pat Gainer suggests that adding 30 to 50 grams of canning salt or iodine free table salt to this recipe may result in a reduction in granularity without significantly increasing development time.

http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/9308-alternatives-ilford-perceptol.html "

Note the increase in the amount of Metol and the addition of 7.5 grams of Sodium Bisulfite which distinguish this formulation from Kodak D23.

This formulation is basically Kodak D-25 with iodine free salt added.