Hi All,
And In My search I haven't found a source for single Schottky Diodes used to reduce voltage! Anyone know of any source for them I can't afford to have 30,000 made and sit on them till they hatch!!:-) Or should I just go with the expensive alternitive wien cell battery? Any one out there use those tell me how long they last in use? It's always sumpthin'!! Or should or could I just have the meter in the SRT calabrated to use the 1.55 volts of the Silver oxide battery? Or is there a problem with doing that my brain damaged mind has failed to see?
ALSO Anyone Know if a Minolta XD11 calabrated to use alkaline bateries at 1.5 volts would have a messed up metter IF one used the proper Silver oxide batteries in it at 1.55 volts? Or is this the wrong place for these questions???
I'm sorry about my spelling also my phoenetics sucs! :-)