Look for a lab that has a Noritsu 2900 or above, it makes a full exposure on regular RA-4 paper from a digital scan or CD, they can scan 35mm and 120 and produce great results, the same film carrier that they use for negatives is used with the slides, they just change the scan from negative to positive in the software, the lab I work with and used to work for charges me $6.00 each for an 8 x 10, which is how I produce most of the prints that I sell to the gallerys around here, take into mind, they will normally crop your slide as 120 does not equate 8 x 10 in the print world, so if you have a particular crop your looking for, make sure and discuss with them before hand.

Dave Parker
Ground Glass Specialties

PS, in responce to Ian, the same lab that I used to work for does scans for direct print to RA-4 paper up to 8 x 10, so it depends on what the lab specified when they had their machine setup.