So far, I've received and responded in respect to 18 official exchange round 14 cards (plus 1 bonus - thanks BWKate) - thanks to david b, Mark Fisher, Buster6x6, rst, sly, wazza, mooseontheloose, drpsilver, Birger A., Black Dog, Bob F, Crispinuk, erikg, gr82bart, Jbannow, Jon King, Mick Fagan, Tim Gray.

Now, I'm finding myself getting confused. My round 15 cards are in danger of getting intermixed with my round 14 cards.

I've identified one further card that is marked as a round 14 card, and two further cards that I'm pretty sure are from round 14:

Lynda: a fascinating cross-processed bridge;

Sile: this Bandstand looks so windy (nice to see another Olympus OMG fan);

brchambe: one of the best Holga images I've seen.

I believe this means that I'm only waiting for three more: AdamKap, Allen Friday, and PepMiro.

Considering all the great cards I've received from them in the past, I'm happy to remain patient.