I own a Quantum Qflash and they have just come out with a UV/IR head for their flash units.

I plan to purchase it to use with IR photography, BUT...........
I'm intrigued with UV photography now. I can't seem to find any posts on APUG regarding UV photography other than using UV light for other processes, i.e. palladium prints and the like.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this subject and/or resources that I might be able to check out. I've seen a few websites, but I'd still like to here from you guys on here.

I've read about a Wratten 18a filter used to block out all light other than UV and some IR, but guess what.........it's not made anymore. One of the filter makers offers a 420 (I think that's the number) that appears to be about the same thing as the 18a filter.

You guys know your sxxx.......educate me and point me in the right direct(s).