I really wish you hadn't posted this. Despite all the pain-in-the-neck factors, you still loved the result. I know how you feel, I suspect.

You probably feel the same way that I did when I souped my first roll of 120 afer being a 35 mm guy all my life. Now I love MF and don't use the 35mm much. But so far, I have staunchly resisted the urge to actively start looking around for a 2nd hand crown graphic or similar. I've gone as far as 6x9 cm on an old Ziess Ikon folder I picked up at a market for 40 oz dollars. It is enough of a size increase over 645 that I sometimes think; "hmmm wonder what a 4x5 inch contact print would look like?" (I've never seen one in the flesh).

A few more stories like this and I may be in *real* trouble... ;-)