Well, the washer is full of film and it's hissing away. I've had 1.5 bottles of wine, 3 tins of smoked oysters, listened to: Renee Olstead, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Sissel Kyrkjebo, Tony Bennett & k.d. lang, Cyndi Lauper and Matt Dusk. All that and I've barely used any Rodinal concentrate. That would be 10 8x10's and probably 30 5x7's processed tonight - Rodinal is amazing. I am it's slave. Next, PhotoFlo hang 'em up and hit the sack.

I'll post the 5x7 TMAX negs to compare to the EFKE ones as soon as I can for those interested.

'Nite, Mike.
'Nite, John Boy!